We’re searching for needles in the ocean…. (Nov.18-22, 2010)

1 01 2011

One of the most exciting part as a graduating college student is to have a personal experience in the working place. To interact with co-employees, big bosses, staff and most especially customers. But the thing is, there are so many aspiring OJT applicants like me, too. Sadly, I think I’m not that fortunate enough to be an early bird to the seek for the early worm.

I never have been in the wilds before. But this OJT hunting/seeking is much more than going to the wild jungle. There are several companies who are willing to accept trainees but the competition is so great that only few ones are accepted.

I’ve been around Novaliches looking for a near place to have my OJT, same with North EDSA, back and forth in Makati (as if, it is only a street away :D); and being pushed and pulled and squeeze in the MRT ride.

“Kung pati ang oras ng paghahanap ng host company for OJT e counted sa hours required, malamang nasakop ko na ang almost 1 week total hours ko.”

If job hunting is like searching for needles in the ocean, so as OJT hunting. As I was relating my story to my mom, she was a bit surprised I was able to endure that kind of long walk with high heels and almost endless rides in the elevator.

I wasn’t ready to give up. I have to find one. A reaction I thought I was going to keep until I reach my target. But then, I’m not a robot. And I felt stressed and hopeless.

MY FIRST TRY (Nov. 18, 2010)

The first search for OJT was at the TV5 when ayi and jj came into our house one afternoon. They had just finished submitting their resumes on TV5. Later that afternoon, they were called to go back and fill up some forms needed for them to be accepted and get started. With that information, they encouraged me to do the same. I informed ting, mark, and cha for us to go there the next day. We all agreed to prepare.

All of us are in high hopes to be easily accepted too. But it seems lightning doesn’t strike twice for us. We’ve waited for some time. But maybe, it wasn’t really meant for us.


The next adventure was around Novaliches. We are so loyal with the place that we’ve searched from RCBC Nitang to BDO glory. Ting and I have been easily accepted in RCBC Nitang. And the BM (branch manager) warmly welcomes us in their branch.  We asked her if there will be still slots available for our other classmates, she said yes. I once again informed mark and cha, also grace and del (who, at that time, was trying their luck @ HBC).

It seems that there was a joke that happened, when Mark and Cha tried to apply in that bank, they are informed of no more vacant position. Ting and I felt sorry for the two guys. So we all searched for other banks until we’ve reached BDO Glory, wherein, we find no vacancy. They all refer us in their main offices in Makati.


I thought I was going to apply for work.

Resume. Check!

Formal wear.Check!

Early travel. Check!

MRT ride. Check!

I was going to try to grab an opportunity (if there’s any) from a direct selling company where my aunt work. I go to their main office in Makati as she instructed me. I passed my requirements and waited for the call. After not being at ease in the bank back in Novaliches, I thought this is it. This is my chance. I have a someone who would help me get in plus a bonus of an allowance to help my finances.

Almost 2 weeks I’ve waited. And all my hopes got into trash. It just left me hanging. I felt bitter. :(


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