Learning new things… (December 20-23, 2010)

2 01 2011

Another week started for us. We do our favorite things like photocopy, filing of documents, receiving of BIR documents, receiving calls ( it helps me to improve my communication skills… in phone!).

New things I’ve experienced this week:

* Oplan: Punit Cheke – We tear apart the outdated MC’s (Manager’s Check).

[Medyo masakit sa kamay ang manual punit ng cheke buti na lang bago pa mangalahati ang mga napunit na cheke, gumamit kami ng paper-cutter. Sosyal.]

* Calendar giving – I’ve experience going to and fro customers, greeting and smiling at them while giving calendars.

With this activity, I remember an act made by Manager (when I first inquire for a OJT position). She hand over newspapers and some magazines to waiting customers in the lounge. She smiles at them that made customers smile too. 🙂

* SSS Checking of files – We also received payments, not only of BIR documents, but also SSS payments. We double-check SSS files before sending them or before SSS collector comes.

* Updating of Client’s records – We go into list of names of customers who are listed as incompleted ones. We search for their files in the cabinet and updated the list in the computer.

End of 2nd week’s shift. Logged out @ 5pm.


The blessed week continues… (December 14-17, 2010)

2 01 2011

Day 2:

Yeah! So far, so good.

I do the usual stuff in the morning like logging in at kuya guard’s logbook. I arrived at 7:30am.  Waiting for the employees before coming in the workplace (At our first week, we waited for other employees at the customer’s lounge before coming in the main workplace area, just don’t ask me or us why, maybe it’s our way giving a respect to them).

We had our usual morning get together and the office prayer lead by one of the employees.


* photocopy of documents

* receiving of BIR documents

* answering phone calls

* making of “annex” – This activity was my expertise. 🙂 It is only a simple work wherein I will put the word “annex” plus a letter assigned to a set of documents on its side so as a help when filing it or locating it in the file cabinet.

While on rest (because we’ve finished some tasks), manager called us in to her office. We had a little chitchat with her. She makes sure that we are always ready for the tasks.

I almost forgot. We have our very own time card! hahaha… We logged in and out using the electronic typewriter and our on-site supervisor will be signing it as approval.



This cute cell phone chain was given to us by Ma’am Elaine as her Christmas gift to us. High five

End of shift. 5pm logged out.


Day 3: I’m glad we all met.


On this day we met our co-student trainees. 2 students from PUP. They are 1 week earlier than us.


* d’usual – these are activities we commonly do everyday. (photocopy, stamp, receive phone calls, assist employees, greet and help customers)

* gift wrapping – This activity consumes our whole shift. We gift wrap PNB bags that will be given as a token to customers especially those loyal ones.

End of shift. Logged out @ 5pm.

Day 4:

We continue wrapping all other bags remaining from the other day. Of course, our day will be not be completed without doing the usual stuff of photocopy, receive phone calls and stamp documents.

I also learned how to prepare a customer for cheque encashment. This is done through asking for necessary ID’s, photocopied all documents, stamp cheque and advise to go to the teller.

End of shift. Logged out @ 2pm.

Day 5:

I make it a habit to be the earliest to arrive or just enough not to be late. But sometimes, I arrive too early. 🙂


* d’usual

* filing of documents – yes! I’ve now experienced it. 🙂

* calendar rolling – Since we’ve finished gift wrapping ahead of time, we now must roll up 1000 pcs. of calendars to be given to customers also to those taxpayers as well.

End of shift. A week of OJT experience was finished. 🙂

"Welcome to PNB Delta…" (December 13, 2010)

2 01 2011


Excited. A word that can express how I feel when I woke up at 4 in the morning.

“Lunes ngayon kaya dapat maaga kayo, baka ma-traffic.”

I feel like I’m a child going to my first day in school. I have some butterflies in my stomach as I was riding an FX going to Trinoma. I don’t know what to think.

Because of too much excitement, I arrived at quarter to 7am in the meeting place, and I waited for cha for almost an hour. 🙂

We arrived in PNB Delta at quarter to 8, just enough time for us to rest for a while and prepare ourselves for the day. At first, we waited outside the bank, but when an employee arrived, she told us “bakit hindi pa kayo pumapasok?” That signals us to go inside.

As time passed, employees gradually arrive in. We’ve seen some of their individual routines as they prepare their own workplaces. We are sitting quietly at the customer’s lounge, making observations around the place.

Before 9am, the branch manager had call the attention of every employee in her office. She had a little conversation with them and offer a prayer for the day. At exactly 9am, they all line up in front of the door and in harmony, greeted the customers waiting outside the bank. They said this:

“Good morning! Welcome to PNB Delta”

After that, employees go back in the places and the manager approached us. She introduces us to all employees. And the first employee I’ve talked to was Ma’am Elaine. She was at the New Accounts department, where we (I and Cha) were both placed.

I was seated beside Ma’am Elaine at the front desk while Cha is on the other side, near on the telephone area.

My first activity is receiving of BIR documents. As customers come, they showed me their BIR documents and I, on return, stamp it and considered it received.

These are the other activities I encountered for the first day:

* money wrapper making – The making of money wrapper or wrapper (as what they called) is explained to us by one of the security guard. We almost made 200 wrappers for the 2 tellers.

* photocopy of documents, I.D., – Maybe this activity was my most unforgettable moment in my first day (hahahaha… *laugh trip). I was amazed for having my first time to photocopied an ID! 🙂 And I really enjoyed it!

* received calls – I only had once or twice in answering phone calls since Cha is nearer the phone than I. The funny thing in this activity was to know what phone is ringing. There are 2 phones in the place where Cha is seated, a black and white. Whenever a phone is ringing, we are always guessing which is which? 🙂

My favorite part is lunch time! We had lunch with our branch manager. She was so accommodating. I hope that if ever I will be a manager someday, I can acquire some of her good qualities.

Our shift ended at 2pm. We said our goodbyes to all employees. First day. Good day!


Branch Manager: Ms. Juana “Jane” Argosino

On site supervisor: Mr. Francisco Pagunuran (Senior Sales Service Head)

Other Bosses

Ma’am  Ma. Margarita “Meg” Antonio /Ma’am Cecil “Cez” Valderama (Junior SSH)

Ma’am Elaine Pescuela (Junior Sales Service Assistant)

Ma’am Janice (Junior Sales Service Assistant)

Sir Chesterson “Chester” Yap (Junior Sales Service Assistant)


“We are to assist every employee.” (Dec. 10, 2010)

1 01 2011

So it goes…261120102032

Yes! We have seen the office of the Vice President Jejomar Binay in the same building of PNB Main office.

Kami na huling apat na magkakasama sa paghahanap at paglilibot sa Makati Ave. ay ang magkakasama pa rin hanggang sa wakas… ng paghahanap ng OJT. 🙂

On December 10, 2010: Orientation at PNB Main Office.

We are told by Koreano boy to be at the HR dept. before 9am. We arrived at exactly quarter to 9am. Patiently we waited for others to arrive. We just can’t hide the excitement we felt as we are now (sa wakas!) officially a part of an establishment who will be our host company.

As the usual orientation goes, we are welcomed by the training officer. Ms. Vanesa “van” Liwanag, Training Head Officer of PNB Main office tells us the activities we are going to do in the orientation. It is a whole day orientation so we decided not to come to our evening class by then so just to finished it.

After Ms. Van, the security head of all offices of PNB offices educate us with the do’s and don’t’s in course of our stay in PNB. He also give some inspirational talk and words of advise for us to use in the near future. He somewhat stood up as a father figure for a newborn individuals in their PNB family. He make sure that some minor errors we, applicants, have done in filling up the form shouldn’t be repeated anymore and anywhere else. 🙂

One thing that stood up in the lectures we had during the orientation is the phrase Ms. Van had said.


“We are to assist every employee.”

That made the basis of activities I will be doing in my training period. Photocopy, file, assist, go here, go there, are some examples activities. 🙂

CONCLUDING SPEECH.. ♥♥♥ ( for OJT hunt!) (Dec. 8, 2010)

1 01 2011

And so here I am, being rejected for… (*counting… TV5, AVON, BDO, SECURITY BANK, NISSAN EDSA,…) oh no! I lost count, NEVER MIND. 🙂

Whatever happened to me in the period wherein I search for my host company for my OJT, one thing that keeps me fighting.

PSALMS 89:33 “Nevertheless My loving kindness I will not utterly take from him, Nor allow My faithfulness to fail.”

On December 8, 2010 3-4 in the afternoon, after calling PNB DELTA branch, I was accepted.

The next day, I go to the branch, I talk to the Sales and Service Head. He was shocked that I was informed a wrong information. They are not anymore accepting OJT’s since they are a small branch.

I almost fell into my knees upon hearing that, I thought I wasn’t going to have an OJT anymore and also cha. But through God’s grace, the SSH’s heart was touched by God and he both give us a chance. 🙂

O ayan na! Let the work begin!

Go fight! Go fight! (Nov. 26, 2010)

1 01 2011

A WALK TO REMEMBER (Nov. 26,2010)

While waiting for the result of my third try, I joined grace and del in their mega search around Makati Ave. Mark and Cha is also with us.261120102018

This is one of my most unforgettable moments in my entire student life. I’ve walked around Makati Ave. with high heels no rest and endless elevator rides just to asked for vacancies in student trainees’ position.     

We’ve been in main offices of BDO, China bank, Bangko Filipino, Security Bank, HSBC, Metrobank and many other banks. 😛

We are all tired and almost penniless by the time we tried our last option, PNB Main Office in Pasay City.

“Buti na lang talaga at pinuntahan namin ito!“

We are assisted by Koreano boy, “Albert”, in giving us instructions as we fill up the forms for the OJT applicants. Since we are only required to have 150 hours in a private company, we are advised to find PNB Branches. We are to go back on December 10, 2010 for the orientation.


“Kaubos ng lakas din talaga ang maghanap, while seeing others starting their OJT’s”

I try another option in a car company along North EDSA. It was referred to me by a friend who had her OJT there also. They got my schedule and told me to wait for the call of their employee who handles OJT’s. Unfortunately, after days passed, when I call again their company, I was informed that they are no longer accepting OJT’s.

We’re searching for needles in the ocean…. (Nov.18-22, 2010)

1 01 2011

One of the most exciting part as a graduating college student is to have a personal experience in the working place. To interact with co-employees, big bosses, staff and most especially customers. But the thing is, there are so many aspiring OJT applicants like me, too. Sadly, I think I’m not that fortunate enough to be an early bird to the seek for the early worm.

I never have been in the wilds before. But this OJT hunting/seeking is much more than going to the wild jungle. There are several companies who are willing to accept trainees but the competition is so great that only few ones are accepted.

I’ve been around Novaliches looking for a near place to have my OJT, same with North EDSA, back and forth in Makati (as if, it is only a street away :D); and being pushed and pulled and squeeze in the MRT ride.

“Kung pati ang oras ng paghahanap ng host company for OJT e counted sa hours required, malamang nasakop ko na ang almost 1 week total hours ko.”

If job hunting is like searching for needles in the ocean, so as OJT hunting. As I was relating my story to my mom, she was a bit surprised I was able to endure that kind of long walk with high heels and almost endless rides in the elevator.

I wasn’t ready to give up. I have to find one. A reaction I thought I was going to keep until I reach my target. But then, I’m not a robot. And I felt stressed and hopeless.

MY FIRST TRY (Nov. 18, 2010)

The first search for OJT was at the TV5 when ayi and jj came into our house one afternoon. They had just finished submitting their resumes on TV5. Later that afternoon, they were called to go back and fill up some forms needed for them to be accepted and get started. With that information, they encouraged me to do the same. I informed ting, mark, and cha for us to go there the next day. We all agreed to prepare.

All of us are in high hopes to be easily accepted too. But it seems lightning doesn’t strike twice for us. We’ve waited for some time. But maybe, it wasn’t really meant for us.


The next adventure was around Novaliches. We are so loyal with the place that we’ve searched from RCBC Nitang to BDO glory. Ting and I have been easily accepted in RCBC Nitang. And the BM (branch manager) warmly welcomes us in their branch.  We asked her if there will be still slots available for our other classmates, she said yes. I once again informed mark and cha, also grace and del (who, at that time, was trying their luck @ HBC).

It seems that there was a joke that happened, when Mark and Cha tried to apply in that bank, they are informed of no more vacant position. Ting and I felt sorry for the two guys. So we all searched for other banks until we’ve reached BDO Glory, wherein, we find no vacancy. They all refer us in their main offices in Makati.


I thought I was going to apply for work.

Resume. Check!

Formal wear.Check!

Early travel. Check!

MRT ride. Check!

I was going to try to grab an opportunity (if there’s any) from a direct selling company where my aunt work. I go to their main office in Makati as she instructed me. I passed my requirements and waited for the call. After not being at ease in the bank back in Novaliches, I thought this is it. This is my chance. I have a someone who would help me get in plus a bonus of an allowance to help my finances.

Almost 2 weeks I’ve waited. And all my hopes got into trash. It just left me hanging. I felt bitter. 😦